Fur Elise is his Favorite Song

Introducing Trent D.

Congratulations Student of the Month: Trent D.!!
"Trent consistently practices and keeps up with all the assigned materials, most of it is difficult! He always has a great attitude and a giant smile on his face. He is a joy to have in his class, keep up the great work Trent!"
- Mr. Mikey
Trent said that his favorite thing about taking music lessons is learning new songs, and that his favorite song to play is Fur Élise because it is fast.
Keep up the great work Trent!!

Mr. Mikey Is his Teacher


Mr. Mikey is a silly, organic, and influential teacher.  He uses popular music and technology within his lessons to keep things fresh.  He started piano lessons at a very young age.  He grew up playing keyboards in youth groups and bands all over the valley.  He's traveled and performed with recording artists such as Josh Gorban, William Joseph, Lucia Micarelli, and Rebecca McGowan.

Currently, he's been playing in his Jazz Trip called, 'What's the Big Idea'.  Mikey has been teaching at MMW for over a decade.

If you are interested in piano lessons with Mr. Mikey please contact the studio.