Pre-Teen Camps for Ages 9-12 & Teen Camps for Ages 13-17

Music Maker Workshops is proud to offer a summer program designed for pre-teens and teens to strengthen their vocal techniques and foster a love for singing.  During these 4-day vocal camps, students will receive coaching in breathing, posture, expression, and mic technique.

This camp is designed for novice to intermediate singers and the styles that will be used will be pop, musical theatre, rock, & contemporary.

Students should bring a yoga mat or towel for daily breathing exercises, & lots of water!

Taught by the talented Jenn McMillan



 Monday - Thursday

11:15 am - 1:15 pm

June 14th -17th for Pre-Teens, Ages 9-13 (SOLD OUT)

June  21st - 24th for Teens, Ages 13-17 (5 spots)

July 5th - 8th  for Pre-Teens, Ages 9-13 (SOLD OUT)

July 12th -15th for Pre-Teens,  Ages 9-13 (4 spots)

July 19th -22nd  for Pre-Teens,  Ages 9-13 (6 spots)

The Daily Schedule:

11:15-11:30 am  -Vocal Warm-Ups

11:30-12:10 pm  -Singing Skills Part 1

12:10-12:20 pm -Break

12:20-pm-12:50 pm  - Singing Skills Part 2

12:50-1:15 pm -Singing Songs of the Week

Singing Skills Breakdown

Day #1: 



Choosing Songs


Day #2



Applying Technique to Songs

Day #3: 

Mic Technique

Performance Technique/Etiquette


Day #4: 

Review all Vocal Techniques

Managing Performance Anxiety


Do you love to sing?  This is a safe environment to express yourself, improve your singing, build confidence, passion, and to foster a love for music.
Meet other people, get out of the house, turn off the zoom and enjoy this in-studio camp.  Small groups of only 6 students per session in a comfortable and safe environment.
We'll be using a variety of styles of music from pop, musical theatre, rock, and contemporary music.
We follow CDC safety guidelines.   As of now students will have hand sanitizer, and stay 6 feet apart when singing and wear masks in common areas.