Let's Get Practicing!

No Excuses!  Let's do it.  Practice 15 minutes for 15 days and you can spin to win a prize from our very own Prize Wheel!  Yes, we have a prize wheel at the studio.

Let's make these 15 minutes each day count so please practice your weekly music assignment, or even do a page or theory.  Talk to your teacher, they'll help you set up some goals for your 15 minutes for 15 days.

Enjoy!  We can't wait to see what you win!


April Incentive - Spin to Win (1)


Open to all currently enrolled MMW students who complete the Spin to Win practice form.


This incentive will be held throughout April & May 2021.

Yes, students can fill out multiple charts if they practice consistently throughout these months.


The Prize Wheel & Prizes are located in the foyer of the MMW studio.


Prizes include:

MMW Keychain

MMW Custom Sticker

Bag of Chips

Candy Bag

Urban Air Ticket

MMW Beach Ball

Prize from Token Tower