Music Camp Memories

A Summer to Remember


A picture of Crazy Mr. Chris and his guitar class on Country Western Day.

This summer we sparked creativity with our  Morning Music Camp series with 7 weeks of sold-out camps.

This unique camp allows students to choose three instruments to learn: piano, ukulele, guitar, violin, voice, or drums. Plus, drum circles, crafts, and fun music make this a fun way to spend each morning! This camp is for students ages 5-10.  Each week we have different themes so that students who want to take multiple weeks will have different craft and music opportunities.

This camp is designed for beginners.  For children who are currently taking lessons at the studio or newcomers either way this is perfect for children to try a different instrument.

Learning New Instruments:

Students were able to pick 3 different instruments piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, voice, or drums. Plus, they could learn more music for an instrument they already studied.  It's a great opportunity to try something new.


A picture of one of Ms. Clare's many violin groups at camp.

Meet Musicians

Summer camp is a great way to meet musicians who all have an appreciation for music. After a session at the camp students become very familiar with the faculty at the studio.

The MMW summer camp crew.

Camp is Fun!

It's Summer Camp Fun!   Each week we have a different theme that keeps things fun and exciting.  Weekly activities include games, giveaways, crafts, contests, & theme music.

This last summer we had themes such as Western, Patriotic, Fiesta, and Superheros.

Thank You!

A big thanks to all who attended these camps!  We appreciate all of you who believe in and trust us with providing fun educational activities for your children.  We appreciate your summer patronage.  It definitely helps provide summer employment for our faculty of teachers.

Thank you to our faculty who facilitated these morning camps.  A lot of care and energy goes into preparing daily lessons and activities.

In addition, a big round of applause for our amazing admin team who spent hours and hours registering students, gathering their three choices, and then scheduling all the classes.

Summer 2023 camps will be launched and open for enrollment in April of 2023.