How to Prepare for a Lesson

There are a few simple ways to be prepared and get the most out of music lessons.  

Practice your Music

This one is as important as it is simple to do. Make sure that whatever music, exercises you are working on with your teacher is ready before the lesson. Therefore your teacher can teach you new things every lesson! If you have trouble finding time to practice, my tip would be to schedule a time. As the saying goes, if you don’t have time, make time. I find that when I work with my busier students on finding a specific day and time to practice, it becomes a lot easier for them to practice.

Bring your Instrument, Music & Postivite Attitude

Do you have a special place for your music supplies at home?  For example, keeping all your things organized in the same place at home.  Therefore, when it's time for lessons you'll be able to quickly gather your supplies to come to class. On the day of your lesson make sure you bring all the essential items.  Plus, I know that every day has its unique challenges, and somedays will be different than others in how you feel, but do your best to come to lessons with the right attitude. It makes the experience much easier for both the student and the teacher.

Come with Questions

Here’s a known fact; teachers love answering questions. It’s what we do! Our lessons are always more fun when you come with questions, whether that is about the music you’re learning, about your instrument, or just about being a musician in general. Come curious and excited, and you can’t go wrong. 

If There's New Music You want to Play, Bring it In

I am always, always encouraging my students to learn music that they want to play. Think about it like this; as like a balanced meal, in lessons the exercises and etudes are the fruits and vegetables, they’re essential to be well rounded (and nutritious). Think of the music you want to play as the dessert; pop music, music from movies and games, anything you’d like! Most teachers will let their students play nearly anything if they want to (as long as the nutritious part of practicing is fulfilled!). 

Relax and Have Fun!

Here is the last one.. have fun! As cliche as it is important, music should be fun and enjoyable. You should have fun playing your instrument and fun improving too. If you’re having fun, then the teacher will be too (and that goes the other way for your teachers too!)

Alright, thanks for reading. Stay up-to-date on the MMW BLOG, as I’ll have more lesson Notes coming in the future.

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