Hitting All the Right Notes!

Student Recognition to Kinley C!

Kinley comes to Music Maker Workshops for both Voice & Piano Lessons weekly.  This last year with the restrictions due to the pandemic she took both virtual and in-studio.  She is consistent and loyal to her musical studies.
In addition, this summer she took 5 weeks of music camp to learn guitar, ukulele, and drums. Her willingness to work hard to learn new instruments, new assignments & songs is a constant.   Her enthusiasm and great sense of humor keep things very entertaining!

Note from Ms. Jenn, her Voice Teacher

"Kinley always comes in full of energy, ready to sing anything you could throw at her. She knows the words to like every song! Her love for singing always shines through, even if she's tired or feeling a little down. If you give her a song to work on, she'll practice it till she knows all the words and will be so excited to show you how well she knows the song. She's got a beautiful voice and beautiful heart!"

Note from Ms. Shelley, her Piano Teacher

"Where do I begin to start telling you about the sweet Ms. Kinley!  She is an absolute joy to teach.  She can play in middle C, C, and G positions.  She has an amazing ear for music and she can hear a song once and it's locked in her mind and she can play it back.  I noticed when she was very young she'd play then sing her piano songs and her pitch was perfect.  She definitely has a gift!

I admire the patience that she's applied to learning piano. Each song has different levels of complexity and I appreciate Kinley not only taking the time to learn new songs but review her old ones.

I look forward to following her musical journey!"


What is your favorite thing about taking lessons at MMW?


What is your favorite song to play?


Keep up the great work Kinley, Keep on shining bright!