Give Mom Music Lessons for Mother’s Day

Music Maker Workshops in Ahwatukee is honoring mothers in a unique way this year with a music lesson giveaway.

Any resident in the community-children, friends, family - can nominate a deserving mother to win a music lesson package worth over $100.00

This year the studio has increased the giveaway to include 10 lucky moms.

"We increased our giveaway to celebrate more mothers during this pandemic.  This year was incredibly hard for them with everything they needed to balance, " said co-director Shelley Yakubow.

"They can come and enjoy two private music lessons for an instrument of their choice.  Music can be very therapeutic and calming, joyful and they need it most right now" Kim Steedman, the other studio director.

Last year Kim Kirkes was one of the lucky recipients.  Nominated by her son, Tucker, Kim Kirkes used her lessons to try her hand at ukulele lessons.

For over a year, Kim has been able to attend virtual zoom lessons with her instructor, Austen Mack, and "has been able to enrich her life with music, " Steedman noted.

Lessons can range from piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, strings, brass, woodwinds, drums, and beyond.

The directors of Music Maker WOrkshops were inspired to start this special giveaway last year after seeing an increase in parents enrolling for music lessons at the same time as their kiddos.

"A lot of times parents want to do something for themselves but find they don't have the time.  Once they realized that they could take lessons while they were already at the studio waiting for their children we were thrilled to see a boost in adult lessons begin.  This inspired us to start this giveaway, "said Jess Libman studio manager.

To nominate a mother simply stop by the studio.  The studio is located on the SE corner of 32nd Street and Chandler Blvd.  Call 480-706-1224

Does Your Mom Deserve Lessons?

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