Flashcard Fridays/A Free Workshop for MMW Students

Flashcard Friday (1)

Why Are Flashcards Useful?

Flashcards are one of the greatest ways to practice reading treble and bass clef notes. Some research has found that this kind of active recall retrieval practice leads to 150% better retention than passive studying. The take-away: flashcards are effective because they make you pull information out of your memory (instead of just reading it).


The music Flash Cards from Hal Leonard include all notes, symbols, and terms needed for the first 2 years of study on any musical instrument. Cards are color-coded by category and are numbered on the back.

Activities We Will Do:

We will incorporate various activities to help students learn notes.

We will line up the notes in Treble & Bass Clef

We'll isolate various notes to form the Middle C, C & G Positions.

We'll do Partner Practice with Flashcards

We'll add in friendly competition and play flashcard games to encourage at-home practice.


April 9, 16, & 23, 2021

Fridays from 4:00-4:30 pm


Free to all Currently Enrolled MMW Students!

All Participants must have their own deck of flashcards.  Available to purchase at the front desk for $5.99


To Register 

Please sign by text/Call us and we'll do it for you or using your MMW Student Portal!

Text/Call:  480-706-1224


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