Cabin Fever Busters

The amazing team at MMW has put together fun, free cabin fever busters for children and adults of all ages.  Just login to the MMW zoom link and enjoy the music!

Monday: Drumming Around the House

Mr. David with spoons.

Join Mr. David Libman as he drums around the house with everyday household items.  You may even hear an amazing spoon performance!

Tuesday: Keep Calm and Write a Song!


Learn the fundamentals to song writing with Ms. Cindy Weir!  It's amazing how simple it can be with a few tricks of the trade!

Wednesday @ 10:30 am: Storytime with Ms. Abby!


Our certified Kindermusik Educator, Ms. Abby will be reading you a story.  Join her and others as we read along together.  Sometimes it's just more interesting to listen to a story virtually!

Wednesday @ 1:00 pm: Beat Making/Audio Production 101


Ever wonder how some of your favorite pop, hip-hop or EDM songs are created?  Music these days does not necessarily require knowledge of a traditional instrument or music theory but a ear for melody and a beat.  Music producers in contemporary music often use samples, loops and digital instruments to compose or 'program' their music in software known as a DAW or "Digital Audio Workstation".  This software has become more intuitive and accessible over the years making it very easy for anyone to jump in and start making music.

The workshop will run through the fundamentals of Music Production and cover topics like:

  • beat structure
  • beat layering
  • drum programming
  • sampling
  • recording

if you've always wanted to learn more about music production and beat-making you've come to the right place!

Designed for teens and adults

Note:  Please be aware that workshops participants will be required to have a laptop or desktop computer in order to use the required software.  MOst of the software will be used in class but can be run from an internet browser, a download of Ableton Lite 10 will be needed for the final 2 classes.

Thursday: Jazz Sampler


Join our jazziest instructors, Alex & Emilio, as they teach us all about the varying instruments that make up a jazz ensemble.

Friday: Sing-aongs


Dr. Miriam will be providing a sing-a-long.  Connect with others while enjoying the universal language of music.  Request your favorite tunes.