Audio Recording Teen Summer Camps


Pre-Teen Camp for Ages 9-13 & Teen Camp for Ages 13-17

Music Maker Workshops is proud to offer a summer program designed for pre-teens and teens to foster a love for their music with recording.  During these 4-day audio recording camps, students will receive coaching in recording original, cover or arrangements.
This camp is designed for intermediate musicians that are currently taking lessons and have music material. Students can get experience recording their instruments &/or voice on a track.
At the end of camp, students will have an uploaded recording.  Each student will take turns running recording station, being the recording artist, exporting finished song files, and uploading to share with friends and family. 

Camp will be hosted and directed by the amazing and talented ~ Jen McMillan & Allen Mendez 

Song written and recorded by the Pre-Teen Group May 31st - June 3rd, 2022.

Teen Audio Camp, Ages 13+ ,


Monday, June 6th - Thursday, June 9th  

Limited Availability, Only 3 Spots Left

Camp Breakdown

Day #1: 

Live Track Session

Microphones and Signals

Brainstorm Student Recordings Choices

Pick From:  Original, Cover, or Arrangements


Day #2

Sample Live vs Track Recording

Learn: FX, Reverb, Delay, Chorus, EQ'ing.

Start Student Sample Recordings - 20 Second Tracks
Learn about Clutch Hot Keys: Save, Undo, Record, & Duplicate.
Add Blending Effects
Dry Recording versus Wet Recording

Day #3: 

Upload Student Choices

Start the Process of Going Live, Scratch Tracks.

Recording with Ableton

Utilizing Hotkeys

Adding in Effects.



Day #4: 

Going Live!

Record your own Song selection with Someone Running the Sound and Someone as an Assistant/ Runner.
Uploading All Camp Sessions to SoundCloud Account.

Why should you come to this camp?

Do you love music?  This is a safe environment to be creative, to record yourself on an instrument or using your voice.  

Meet other people that love music & technology. Small groups of only 8 students per session in a comfortable and safe environment.  

You'll have a chance to run the recording station, be the recording artist, export the finished song file, and upload it to share with friends and family.


Audio Recording Camp


 10:00 am- 1:00 pm

Sessions specific for pre-teen & teen

Learn Recording Technique

Fun interactive summer camp