Thank you to all our students and the readers of Ahwatukee Foothills News for voting us #1 music studio.  We are very thankful for the opportunity to provide lessons in such an amazing community.  Our team will continually work towards refining our understanding of teaching and connecting with families in and out of our studio. 

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Springtime Happenings!

March is one of the most amazing months to live in this beautiful place. The weather here in Arizona is perfect and the kids get a Spring Break.  Plus the studio has new beginnings with our very first piano competition.  Also we have new collaborations planned with an Open Mic afternoon at Buzzed Goat Coffee Company. Check out our spring happenings:

Mark these dates on your calendar:

open mic afternoon

Party on the Patio!


The Rock and Jazz Bands played at Tukee's Sports Grill on February 28th, 2020. It was a wonderful evening with amazing music, food and perfect weather. Thanks to all who came out and listened to the bands. We appreciate Mr. Devin taking these pictures and capturing sweet moments with family & friends throughout the evening.


Student Acheivements

CONGRATULATIONS to our MMW students who were chosen to participate in the 2020 Regional Ensembles!

Trevor Kulawiak, trombone

Hannah Garcia, flute

Brandon Tse, saxophone

Kyrene Honor Choir

Alyssa Hattula

Piano Competition Winners

Music Maker Workshops hosted it's very first Piano Competition this last weekend.  Thanks to Ms. Abby for organizing the event. Ms. Maddie, Mr. Houston & Dr. Olga judged the participants.  

1st Place Winner: Charles R.
1st Place Winner: Charles R.
2nd Place Winner: Andrea L.
2nd Place Winner: Andrea L.
3rd Place Winner: MaryElla O.
3rd Place Winner: MaryElla O.

Practice Bearryy Much Winner

Congratulations to Zoey S. For winning the giant bear for 'Practicing Bearry Much' campaign.  This March we'll be giving away the big dog for the 'We Woof Music'.  Make sure to fill out the practice charts for your chance to get raffle tickets!

What our students are listening to...

Cossette C (15)  "Can't Stop Me Now"  by Queen

Surina D (8) "Touch the Sky" from Brave

Jackson B (11) "Come and Get Your Love" by Redbone

Emerson R (11) "I Wanna Hold  Your Hand" by the Beatles

Teacher Spotlight: Michael DiBarry


This month, We wanted to showcase our No Fret String Project Director and violin instructor, Michael DiBarry. Michael has just recently finished his final doctoral recital at Arizona State University, and is soon to graduate with a doctorate! Soon we’ll be calling him “Dr.DiBarry”. I asked Michael to comment on the unique and cross-cultural qualities of his doctoral research, and here’s what he said."

Regarding Doctoral Research:

"For me this was a chance to showcase my voice as an artist, not only through standard sonatas but also through the ‘Nocturne’ for solo violin by Kaija Saariaho. I was able to perform her work as well for the Latino dance troop Contra Tiempo while some of their members improvised to the music this past week. We usually think that contemporary music is esoteric, but this piece is evocative and direct. I’m currently composing a Yiddish song cycle for viola and mezzo-soprano using 20th-century Yiddish poetry.
I’m pursuing this project as a recipient of the Joan Frazer Memorial Award for Judaism and the Arts, and it’s my hope that my own compositions will strive for the same sensibility of directness and honesty. I’m in the process of writing my final research project for my doctorate which will be an etude book to teach quarter tones to violinists through the medium of Persian classical music. My hope is that such a document helps individuals build connections across cultures.”

How fantastic, and we are very proud of Michael and his accomplishments! To view his final Doctoral Recital click here. If you would like to take lessons with Michael or join the No Fret String Project talk to the front office. 

Welcome a New Teacher

We're thrilled to welcome Mr. Rob to the MMW faculty! He is a classically trained guitarist and teaches guitar, bass, piano and ukulele. Rob is currently accepting new students on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Click the link to view his bio and call us to snag a spot (480) 706-1224:


Summer's Just Around the Corner

Check out our summer camps and save on Early Registration!  


Instrument Spotlight: The Piano

Piano is this month’s instrument of the month! Piano is often the first instrument many musicians learn, and is often an instrument that many professional musicians will learn to play at least a little bit!

Instrument Facts:

The piano is an instrument that could be considered part of the strings family and the percussion family because the way it makes sound is by vibrating strings that are struck with tiny hammers. The white and black keys on the piano control these hammers!

Another interesting fact about the piano is that it used to be called the pianoforte, which our students learn means soft and loud in music. So a piano used to be called "the softloud" in Italian, because it was one of the first instruments in the keyboard family to have dynamic control like that! Over time, the name was shortened to just piano.

Piano Competition:

March is a special month at Music Makers, because we will hosted our first annual Piano Competition! A unique opportunity for students to show off their skills to a panel of judges while playing piano music that is both lyrical and technical. This competition is open to first through twelfth grade, so check our website for more info!

At Music Makers, we have many instructors who teach piano! Here is a list of our piano faculty: Abby S., Alex P., Andrea, Austen, Austin G., Mrs. B, Chandra, Cindy, Emilio, Frances, James L., Jenn, Jessica, Katelyn, Maddie, Mikey, Miriam, Olga, Raymond, Rob, Shelley, and Ted!
If you are interested in learning piano, we’ve got you covered!


On a Friday night, each Month from 6:15-9:45 pm, MMW provides monthly Kids' Parties for children ages 4-9 years of age. Kids can connect with MMW fellow students and staff. Plus, parents get to have a date night if needed. We'll have crafts, pizza, musical activities, and a movie. Kids are welcome to wear their cozy pj's and bring their favorite blanket and pillow.

Schedule of Activities:

6:15-7:00:  Assorted Crafts & Art Projects for ages 4-9
7:00-7:15:  Circle Time, Singing/Welcome
7:15-7:45- Cheese Pizza, Fruit & Story Time
7:45-8:15- Dancing, Singing & Games 
8:15-9:45- Movie

$25.00/Per Child


$25.00 Per Child

Future Party Dates:

March 27th: How to Train Your Dragon

April 24th: Trolls

May 22nd: Moana

Spring Break Closed
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