A Violin Student Shines Bright

Introducing violin student Alinna O.

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"Alinna always brightens my day when I get to teach her violin! She is so sweet and always willing to do what is asked. She has been working hard at developing her bow hold and great sound on the violin while learning her songs. Great job Alinna, keep up the good work!" says, Ms. Chandra

What is your favorite part of taking music lessons?

"My favorite part of music lessons is singing the rocket song, while I practice my bow hold with Mrs. Chandra," says Allina.

What is your favorite song to play and why?

“I like playing twinkle twinkle little star because it sounds like I’m singing with my violin," says Alinna.

Alinna is learning with this classic Suzuki song: rhythm, bowing, string crossing, fingering and good intonation, a pretty good list for such a simple piece!

Introducing her violin teacher, Ms. Chandra.

Chandrah H.

Ms. Chandra is a kind and patient teacher.  She has a calm demeanor which makes her students feel comfortable in the classroom setting.

She has a Masters's from ASU and a Bachelor's from Utah State University.  She has been teaching at Music Maker Workshops since 2018.

Benefits of learning the violin

There are many benefits of learning the violin.  From social, physical, and mental health improvement.  Here is a list of 14 amazing benefits:


Are you interested in learning the violin?

Are you interested in learning the violin?

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