Unfazed by the Sprinkler Fiasco

Meet Brody, Drummer Extraordinaire


Brody was all ready to perform at a Friday Under the Lights Recital at the Urban Tuk Cafe.  These recitals were held last May, 2021.  This outside venue was chosen to help us navigate a recital during the pandemic.  The beautiful outside stage and lovely lights provided us with a fantastic venue.  We enjoyed great food & drinks & lovely hospitality.

On the third Friday during the second hour, everything was going as planned.  Brody went over to the drums, sat down, and starting performing.  When all of the sudden the sprinklers on the lawn where all the guests were sitting went off because of an automatic timer mishap.

Water was coming up from the ground right under people's chairs.  People were screaming, laughing, and rushing to dry land.

Workers from the Tuk Cafe were coming out and trying to turn off the sprinklers but they just couldn't get them to stop.  So they went running back into the facility and returned with pots and buckets to put over the sprinkler heads.

Through it all Brody just kept playing the drums never missing a beat!

This was the most unforgettable performance of the evening!


A pic of the aftermath of the sprinkler fiasco.

Note From his Teacher, Mr. Devin

From Mr. Devin: "Brody showed true commitment, focus, and dedication as he endured the worst of distractions as the sprinklers went off during his recital performance. Unfazed by the outstanding circumstances he powered through and persevered through the adversity, delivering a great performance!"

What is your favorite part about taking lessons at MMW?

Brody: " I love taking music lessons at Music Makers because they make it fun and creative."

What is your favorite song to play?

"Centerfold by The J Geils Band is my favorite song to play currently. I like the beat and it’s catchy lyrics. "

Friends & Family at MMW

We are always having a great time at MMW.  Even if things don't always go as planned. Some of the best memories are sprinkled with adversity.  Playing through situations builds great performers.

We've had a lot of recitals over the past 24 years at MMW but the Sprinkler Recital will go down in history as the most memorable.  And we'll always remember Brody's big smile during & after that amazing performance.

If you're ready to have some fun and make great memories look us up.

We'd love to have you also join the MMW friends & family.

More about Brody's teacher Mr. Devin:

Devin B.

Mr. Devin has taught privately for the last 8 years. Devin's music philosophy is that there is no such thing as talent, only passion and time invested. He teaches drums, beginning guitar, beginning and intermediate bass guitar.

He studied under David Hopson, a competitive jazz drummer who won many competitions throughout the 80s.

Devin is incredibly passionate about teaching music in any form and is hoping to one day teach music at the high school and university level.

Drum Lessons at MMW

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